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syslog-ng Open Source Edition

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OPTIONAL — A container element for a sample log message.



  • test_message: OPTIONAL — A sample log message that should match this pattern. For example:

    <test_message program="myapplication">Content filter has been enabled</test_message>
    • program: The program pattern of the test message. For example:

      <test_message program="proftpd">ubuntu (::ffff:[::ffff:]) - FTP session closed.</test_message>
  • test_values: OPTIONAL — A container element to test the results of the parsers used in the pattern.

    • test_value: OPTIONAL — The expected value of the parser when matching the pattern to the test message. For example:

      <test_value name=".dict.ContentFilter">enabled</test_value>
      • name: The name of the parser to test.

        <test_message>Accepted password for sampleuser from port 42156 ssh2</test_message>
            <test_value name="SSH.AUTH_METHOD">password</test_value>
            <test_value name="SSH_USERNAME">sampleuser</test_value>
            <test_value name="SSH_CLIENT_ADDRESS"></test_value>
            <test_value name="SSH_PORT_NUMBER">42156</test_value>