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11.2.6. map-value-pairs: Rename value-pairs to normalize logs

The map-value-pairs() parser allows you to map existing name-value pairs to a different set of name-value pairs. You can rename them in bulk, making it easy to use for log normalization tasks (for example, when you parse information from different log messages, and want to convert them into a uniform naming scheme). You can use the normal value-pairs expressions, similarly to value-pairs based destinations.

Available in syslog-ng OSE version 3.10 and later.


parser parser_name {
Example 11.27. Map name-value pairs

The following example creates a new name-value pair called username, adds the hashed value of the .apache.username to this new name-value pair, then adds the webserver prefix to the name of every name-value pair of the message that starts with .apache

parser p_remap_name_values {
        pair("username", "'($sha1 $.apache.username)")
        key('.apache.*' rekey(add-prefix("webserver")))