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syslog-ng Premium Edition

Contents Notes about counting the licensed hosts

  • If the actual IP address of the host differs from the IP address received by looking up its IP address from its hostname in the DNS, the syslog-ng server counts them as two different hosts.

  • The chain-hostnames() option of syslog-ng can interfere with the way syslog-ng PE counts the log source hosts, causing syslog-ng to think there are more hosts logging to the central server, especially if the clients sends a hostname in the message that is different from its real hostname (as resolved from DNS). Disable the chain-hostnames() option on your log source hosts to avoid any problems related to license counting.

  • If the number of Log Source Hosts reaches the license limit, the syslog-ng PE server will not accept connections from additional hosts. The messages sent by additional hosts will be dropped, even if the client uses a reliable transport method (for example, RLTP).

  • If the no-parse flag is set in a message source on the syslog-ng PE server, syslog-ng PE assumes that the message arrived from the host (that is, from the last hop) that sent the message to syslog-ng PE, and information about the original sender is lost.