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The syslog-ng product family has an extensive documentation, covering everything from how to install a product to the most complex configuration and settings descriptions. If you cannot find an answer to your question, try the mailing list - our community is always eager to help.

syslog-ng Premium Edition

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The packaging of syslog-ng OSE and syslog-ng PE also differ greatly.

With syslog-ng OSE, distribution packages do not bundle dependencies and only include features for which dependencies are available within the distribution. Packaging is modular to make sure that you install only a minimal set of extra dependencies. In addition, the naming and content of subpackages varies between distributions, and there are also unofficial syslog-ng OSE packages enabling more features than available in official distribution packages.

In the case of syslog-ng PE, all dependencies are included in a single package either in a distribution specific format (rpm or deb) or in a generic .run installer.