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15.2.3. Transferring your logs to Elasticsearch using GeoIP2

If you are transferring your log messages into Elasticsearch, use the following rewrite rule to combine the longitude and latitude information into a single value (called geoip2.location), and set the mapping in Elasticsearch accordingly. Do not forget to include the rewrite in your log path. These examples assume that you used prefix("geoip2.") instead of the default for the geoip2 parser. For details on transferring your log messages to Elasticsearch, see Section 7.2, elasticsearch2: Sending messages directly to Elasticsearch version 2.0 or higher.

rewrite r_geoip2 {
        value( "geoip2.location2" ),
        condition(not "${geoip2.location.latitude}" == "")

In your Elasticsearch configuration, set the appropriate mappings:

   "mappings" : {
      "_default_" : {
         "properties" : {
            "geoip2" : {
               "properties" : {
                  "location2" : {
                     "type" : "geo_point"