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syslog-ng Premium Edition


Chapter 3. Installing syslog-ng

This chapter explains how to install syslog-ng Premium Edition on the supported platforms using the precompiled binary files.

  • The syslog-ng PE application features a unified installer package with identical look on every supported Linux and UNIX platforms. The generic installer, as well as installing platform-specific (for example, RPM) is described in the following sections.

The syslog-ng PE binaries include all required libraries and dependencies of syslog-ng PE, only the ncurses library is required as an external dependency (syslog-ng PE itself does not use the ncurses library, it is required only during the installation). The components are installed into the /opt/syslog-ng directory. It can automatically re-use existing configuration and license files, and also generate a simple configuration automatically into the /opt/syslog-ng/etc/syslog-ng.conf file.


There are two versions of every binary release. The one with the compact suffix does not include SQL support. If you are installing syslog-ng PE in client or relay mode, or you do not use the sql() source or destination, use the compact binaries. That way no unnecessary components are installed to your system.

The syslog-ng PE application can be installed interactively following the on-screen instructions as described in Section 3.3, Installing syslog-ng using the .run installer, and also without user interaction using the silent installation option — see Section 3.3.3, Installing syslog-ng PE without user-interaction.