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6.10. sun-streams: Collecting messages on Sun Solaris

Solaris uses its STREAMS framework to send messages to the syslogd process. Solaris 2.5.1 and above uses an IPC called door in addition to STREAMS, to confirm the delivery of a message. The syslog-ng application supports the IPC mechanism via the door() option (see below).


The sun-streams() driver must be enabled when the syslog-ng application is compiled (see ./configure --help).

The sun-streams() driver has a single required argument specifying the STREAMS device to open, and the door() option. For the list of available optional parameters, see Section 6.10.1, sun-streams() source options.


Starting with version , the syslog-ng PE system() driver automatically extracts the msgid from the message (if available), and stores it in the .solaris.msgid macro. To extract the msgid from the message without using the system()driver, use the extract-solaris-msgid() parser. You can find the exact source of this parser in the syslog-ng PE GitHub repository.


sun-streams(<name_of_the_streams_device> door(<filename_of_the_door>));
Example 6.27. Using the sun-streams() driver
source s_stream { sun-streams("/dev/log" door("/etc/.syslog_door")); };