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7.14.2. Using the sql() driver with a Microsoft SQL database

The mssql database driver can access Microsoft SQL (MSSQL) destinations. This driver has some special aspects that are important to note.

  • The date format used by the MSSQL database must be explicitly set in the /etc/locales.conf file of the syslog-ng server. For details, see the following example.

  • As certain database versions limit the maximum length of table names, macros in the table names should be used with care.

  • In the current version of syslog-ng PE, the types of database columns must be explicitly set for the MSSQL destination.


    The following column types cannot be used in MSSQL destinations: nchar, nvarchar, ntext, and xml.

  • The column used to store the text part of the syslog messages should be able to store messages as long as the longest message permitted by syslog-ng. The varchar column type can store maximum 4096 bytes-long messages. The maximum length of the messages can be set using the log-msg-size() option. For details, see the following example.

  • Remote access for SQL users must be explicitly enabled on the Microsoft Windows host running the Microsoft SQL Server. For details, see Procedure 3.9, Configuring Microsoft SQL Server to accept logs from syslog-ng.

Example 7.34. Using the sql() driver with an MSSQL database

The following example sends the log messages into an MSSQL database running on the logserver host. The messages are inserted into the syslogng database, the name of the table includes the exact date when the messages were sent. The syslog-ng application automatically creates the required tables and columns, if the user account used to connect to the database has the required privileges.

destination d_mssql {
sql(type(mssql) host("logserver") port("1433")
  username("syslogng") password("syslogng") database("syslogng")
  table("msgs_${R_YEAR}${R_MONTH}${R_DAY}")columns("datetime varchar(16)", "host varchar(32)",
  "program varchar(32)", "pid varchar(8)", "message varchar(4096)")
  values("${R_DATE}", "${HOST}", "${PROGRAM}", "${PID}", "${MSGONLY}")
  indexes("datetime", "host", "program", "pid"));

The date format used by the MSSQL database must be explicitly set in the /etc/locales.conf file of the syslog-ng server. Edit or create this file as needed for your configuration. A sample is provided below.

date = "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"