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syslog-ng Premium Edition

Contents Element: values


OPTIONAL — Name-value pairs that are assigned to messages matching the patterns, for example, the representation of the event in the message according to the Common Event Format (CEF) or Common Event Exchange (CEE). The names can be used as macros to reference the assigned values.



  • value: OPTIONAL — Contains the value of the name-value pair that is assigned to the message.

    The <value> element of name-value pairs can include template functions. For details, see Section 11.1.6, Using template functions, for examples, see Section if.

    When used together with message correlation, the <value> element of name-value pairs can include references to the values of earlier messages from the same context. For details, see Section 13.3, Correlating log messages using pattern databases.

  • name: The name of the name-value pair. It can also be used as a macro to reference the assigned value.

    <value name=".classifier.outcome">/Success</value>