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syslog-ng Premium Edition


3.1. Prerequisites to installing syslog-ng PE

  • The binary installer packages of syslog-ng Premium Edition include every required dependency for most platforms, only the ncurses library is required as an external dependency (syslog-ng PE itself does not use the ncurses library, it is required only during the installation).


    There are two versions of every binary release. The one with the compact suffix does not include SQL support. If you are installing syslog-ng PE in client or relay mode, or you do not use the sql() source or destination, use the compact binaries. That way no unnecessary components are installed to your system.

  • For Java-based destinations (for example, Elasticsearch, Apache Kafka, HDFS), Java must be installed on the host where you use such destinations. Typically, this is the host where you are running syslog-ng PE in server mode.

  • DO NOT install syslog-ng PE on an NFS-mounted partition

  • DO NOT store the runtime files (for example, the configuration or the persist file) of syslog-ng PE on an NFS-mounted partition