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syslog-ng Premium Edition


3.3.3. Installing syslog-ng PE without user-interaction

The syslog-ng PE application can be installed in silent mode without any user-interaction by specifying the required parameters from the command line. Answers to every question of the installer can be set in advance using command-line parameters.

./syslog-ng-premium-edition-<version>.run -- --silent [options]

The -- characters between the executable and the parameters are mandatory, like in the following example: ./ -- --silent --accept-eula -l /var/tmp/license.txt

To display the list of parameters, execute the ./syslog-ng-premium-edition-<version>.run -- --h command. Currently the following options are available:

  • --accept-eula or -a: Accept the EULA.

  • --license-file <file> or -l <file>: Path to the license file.

  • --upgrade | -u: Perform automatic upgrade — use the configuration file from an existing installation.

  • --remote <destination host>: Send logs to the specified remote server. Not available when performing an upgrade.

  • --network: Accept messages from the network. Not available when performing an upgrade.

  • --configuration <file>: Use the specified configuration file.

  • --list-installed: List information about all installed syslog-ngs.

  • --path <path>: Set installation path.

  • --register: Force service registration.

  • --no-register: Prevent service registration.