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syslog-ng Premium Edition


2.7.1. Licensing benefits

Buying a syslog-ng Premium Edition (syslog-ng PE) license permits you to perform the following:

  • Install one instance of the syslog-ng PE application in server mode to a single host. This host acts as the central log server of the network. You have to install the license file only on this host.

  • Install the syslog-ng PE application in relay or client mode on host computers within your organization (on any supported platform). You cannot redistribute the application to third parties. The total number of hosts permitted to run syslog-ng in relay or client mode is limited by the syslog-ng PE license. The client and relay hosts may use any operating system supported by syslog-ng PE. For details, see the Supported platforms in syslog-ng Premium Edition page.

The syslog-ng Premium Edition license determines the number of individual hosts (also called log source hosts) that can send log messages to syslog-ng PE.

License grants and legal restrictions are fully described in the General End User License Agreement (EULA). Note that the EULA and the syslog-ng Premium Edition Product Usage Terms apply only to scenarios where the Licensee (the organization who has purchased the product) is the end user of the product. In any other scenario — for example, if you want to offer services provided by syslog-ng Premium Edition to your customers in an OEM or a Managed Service Provider (MSP) scenario — you have to negotiate the exact terms and conditions with Balabit.