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11.1.8. Modifying the on-the-wire message format

Macros, templates, and template functions allow you to fully customize the format of the message. This flexibility makes it possible to use syslog-ng PE in some unexpected way if needed, for example, to emulate simple, plain-text protocols. The following example shows you how to send LPUSH commands to a Redis server.

The following template is a valid LPUSH command in accordance with the Redis protocol, and puts the $MESSAGE into a separate list for every $PROGRAM:

template t_redis_lpush {
    template("*3\r\n$$5\r\nLPUSH\r\n$$$(length ${PROGRAM})\r\n${PROGRAM}\r\n$$$(length ${MESSAGE})\r\n${MESSAGE}\r\n");

If you use this template in a network() destination, syslog-ng PE formats the message according to the template, and sends it to the Redis server.

destination d_redis_tcp {
    network("" port(6379) template(t_redis_lpush));