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syslog-ng Premium Edition


3.7.2. Procedure – Upgrading to syslog-ng PE 7


To upgrade to syslog-ng PE 7, complete the following steps:


  1. Download the new installer package from MyBalabit. Use the same package type as you used for the installation (for example, use the .run package for the upgrade if you have originally installed syslog-ng PE using a .run installer).

  2. Download the new license file from MyBalabit.

  3. Install syslog-ng PE and check the warnings. Upgrade the respective parts of your configuration if needed.

  4. On the host where you are running syslog-ng PE in server mode, replace the old license file with the new one.


    Hazard of data loss! Without the new license file, syslog-ng PE will run in relay mode, and will not store the incoming messages locally.

  5. Set the version of the configuration file to 7.0.8.